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Saturday 30 March 2024
Solstice + Ebony Buckle concert, Poppodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

  • Door de Brexit komen titels die uit de UK afkomstig zijn nog altijd met vertraging binnen. Soms valt het mee en duurt het slechts 2-3 weken, maar het komt helaas ook voor dat we 4 weken of meer moeten wachten. We doen ons best om alles zo goed en snel mogelijk te regelen, maar het blijft lastig...

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    ArtiestArch Echo
    TitelFinal Patch
    2e HANDSNee
    GenreProgmetal / Jazzrock / Fusion
    OmschrijvingAfter “You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!” Arch Echo relatively quickly returned with "Story I", but that was "just" an EP, which in retrospect can perhaps be classified as one of these "Corona signs of life". Fortunately, the quintet from Tennessee stayed on the ball afterwards: “Final Pitch” is hopefully not the name of the last album from this band, which has the same personnel and even has prominent support in the form of Jordan Rudess and Adrián Terrazas-González, among others. From a purely technical point of view, Arch Echo didn`t actually need to do that, because Joey Izzo can hit the keys just as quickly. But he probably just wanted to pay tribute to a great idol, and maybe it was intended as a gag: We hidden a Jordan Rudess solo on “Final Pitch”. Have fun searching... In terms of style, Arch Echo doesn`t deviate a bit from their previous line. And why should they, as long as this band runs like a well-oiled engine? Arch Echo`s pieces still consist of the most agile combinations imaginable of fiddly keyboard motifs, intricate djent riffs, the correspondingly clever combination of bass burble and drum grooves, and just about every one of these elements is expanded into absolutely voluptuous melodies at the right opportunities , which provide an appropriate vocal component. Whereby - and this would probably be most clearly described as "new" - the title track not only comes with a light-footed funk rhythm, but also with the equally varied contribution from Anthony Vincent, and at this point it should be pointed out that " In this respect, Final Pitch" is a little reminiscent of Derek Sherinian`s "Vortex" with the guest contribution by Joe Bonamassa. Nevertheless, there are of course still some nice stylistic nuances here. While, on the one hand, relatively often chirping keyboards and electronics underline the active to hectic character of the music, there are some deviations as it progresses. In "Aluminosity" you can already hear a quieter, lounge-like passage, "Cloudsplitter" brings out the jazzy side of the music even more clearly with electric piano and clear guitars, and the piano is featured in this piece in particular in "Red Letter" and “Bet Your Life” really comes into its own. In general, over the course of the album, the contrast and confrontation between sustained and drawn-out melodic pieces and the intricate rhythm emerge as effective areas of friction and thus repeatedly create that moment that really drives the pieces of "Final Pitch" forward. This greatly enriches the otherwise common approach of introducing and alternating different motifs until a climb is mastered at the end. Equally striking is the cheerfulness that some of the melodies and motifs radiate, perhaps not necessarily expected in this style - "Red Letter" in particular is a good listen with an almost effervescent optimism that sometimes leads to fanfare-like interludes, but "Battlestar Nostalgica" is also characterized by it in this regard and here too it particularly highlights the contrast - as I have already said - with more wistful moods. The latter, in turn, characterize "Bet Your Life" immediately afterwards, whereas the closing "SUPER SUDDEN DEATH" (here I`m simply adopting the band`s typography) once again emphasizes the more aggressive, harsh side of the style. Here too, Arch Echo show that their music is not just instrumental competitive sport, but perhaps lives even more from their moods. And those are good reasons why albums like “Final Pitch” keep feeling picked up again and again.
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