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Saturday 09 December 2023
IQ concert (X-mas Bash), Poppodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

  • Door de Brexit komen titels die uit de UK afkomstig zijn nog altijd met vertraging binnen. Soms valt het mee en duurt het slechts 2-3 weken, maar het komt helaas ook voor dat we 4 weken of meer moeten wachten. We doen ons best om alles zo goed en snel mogelijk te regelen, maar het blijft lastig...

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    TitelSirens From Afar: Live in Katoomba 2021
    2e HANDSNee
    OmschrijvingOn March 10th 2020, Anubis released the ‘Homeless’ album. A foreboding concept album that dealt with how the excesses and missteps of the early 21st century seemed to point to some sort of reckoning. Part climate crisis, rise of nationalism through ignorance, media hegemony and hubris, part economic inequality, part feeling rudderless under increasingly slogan-wielding yet ineffectual leaders and the gradual erosion of truth, empathy and decency in society. Somewhere toward the end of the album’s mixing, Australia caught fire, and ‘Homeless’, with its rather bleak conceit, turned out to grow regrettably ever more prophetic. By the time the album dropped, Anubis had worked up our most ambitious show to date, building on the momentum of our successful 2018 trip to Europe with new technology aimed at making the new album the centrepiece of the show and taking the band’s performance further than it had previously gone. ‘Homeless’ gained great reviews, charting at No. 4 in the Australian independent charts, earning itself a feature in Prog Magazine and a release show at Sydney’s Oxford Art factory before our first tour of Japan with Europe to follow shortly after. Within 13 days, we were all stuck at home licking our wounds. Covid had struck Sydney, grounding the band and like many bands; our plans for the next two years went up in smoke like much of Australia had only two months earlier. This album chronicles the sole performance the of the Homeless set - representing the lost Anubis tour of 2020/2021. The show we had planned on bringing to Japan and then back to Europe. With the likelihood of ‘Homeless’ being performed in full again fairly remote; it may just stand as the sole performance of the suite as it was meant to be heard. Anubis performed two sets to socially distanced crowds in Katoomba - a town in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney which had seen the impact of the Australian bushfires far too closely. The performances took place in early 2021, sandwiched between the initial wave of Covid and the gruelling second wave and subsequent three month lockdown that followed. The show itself was a warm and successful temporary return to the stage, showing the power, strength and musical precision that Anubis had worked up by the Homeless era. Tracklist: 1. Reflective 2. Entitled 3. White Ashes 4. Home 5. Homeless 6. The Tables have Turned 7. Sirens 8. In Shadows 9. Gone 10. Fool‘s Gold 11. Tightening of the Screws 12. Technicolour Afterlife 13. The Holy Innocent 14. The Collapse 15. Silent Wandering Ghosts
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