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Bezoek onze verkoopstand (nr. 323) op Zaterdag 12 & Zondag 13 November tijdens de Mega Platen & CD Beurs in de Brabanthallen te `s-Hertogenbosch.



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Saturday 12 November 2022
Mega Platen & CD Beurs: Stand 323 (9:00 tot 17:00 uur), Brabanthallen, `s-Hertogenbosch

  • Door de Brexit komen titels die uit de UK afkomstig zijn nog altijd met vertraging binnen. Soms valt het mee en duurt het slechts 2-3 weken, maar het komt helaas ook voor dat we 4 weken of meer moeten wachten. We doen ons best om alles zo goed en snel mogelijk te regelen, maar het blijft lastig...

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    TitelClassic storm
    2e HANDSNee
    GenreProg / Classical / Guitarrock
    OmschrijvingThe first is a dreamy record in which tense guitars, energetic and epic rhythm, deep bass and a piano melancholy build an indisputable instrumental epic-rock scaffolding with an energetic and clean sound, with warm lines and clear, combined with melodies built on the edges. A guitar, almost speaking, is the protagonist who punctuates excerpts of metropolitan poems with the desire to scratch off the surface and translate what she sees into controlled screams. A sound well used in the choice of registers and metrics which, in some moments, is explosive. It is a choice conscious, due to the desire to dress the essential and sometimes a bit pretentious groove with mechanical clothes. Six pieces in everything with plays of sounds on the edge of fluidity. Frame does not believe in the contrast and hierarchy between cultured and uncultivated, CLASSIC STORM becomes the symbol of fertility in the anti-academic approach to music written in the second disc with reinterpretations of classical works by great composers including Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Bach . It is the collection of 6 pieces with figures formed by pairs of notes played in a lively way, followed by a series of descending chords that evoke a sense of threat. Fear is accompanied by amazement when octave jumps that resemble sobs arrive. The music seems to stumble and the fantastic is superimposed on the grotesque. It could be the score of a late 19th century composer or it could be the performance of a progressive rock group. It is both. N.B. Though this is a double CD, total playing time is only 49 minutes. The band divided the tracks on two CD`s because of the different character of the music.
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