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Saturday 26 September 2020
Concert Pallas + support Comedy of Errors, Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

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    ArtiestGildenlöw, Kristoffer
    2e HANDSNee
    GenreProgressive / Neoprog / RIO
    OmschrijvingHomebound is Kristoffer Gildenlöw`s third solo album after Rust [2012] and The Rain [2015] and the first album in a diptych of two albums. The second album Empty has not been scheduled for release at the moment due to the current circumstances. Although known from bands such as Pain of Salvation, Neal Morse Band, Kayak and more, those who are familiar with Kristoffer`s first two albums know not to expect progressive metal with technical playing and continuously changing time signatures. Instead you get dark, eerie, nostalgic and somewhat soothing music with symphonic elements and heartfelt guitar solos. Landing on the softer side of the post-progressive spectrum, Kristoffer Gildenlöw has been compared with bands and artists such as David Sylvian, The Deer Hunter, Blackfield, No-Man, Roger Waters among others. From small, minimalistic songs and soundscapes to full symphonic rock with choirs, strings, brass, howling guitar solos and carefully chosen instrumentations, his music tells a story. And that’s what he’s known for: telling stories and touching your heart and soul with dreamy, somewhat melancholic, tales of humanity and nature. On Homebound, Kristoffer has also chosen to put a personal tribute of the song “Chelsea Hotel #2” by the great, departed Leonard Cohen. “Leonard Cohen” has always been of great inspiration to me. Since his passing in 2017, I felt I needed to honour him in some way. ‘Chelsea Hotel #2’ somehow stuck with me throughout the years and I hope people will appreciate this tribute to the great master.” (- KG) N.B. On the digipack it`s mentioned that it contains a CD and a DVD. This was only the matter for people who pre-ordered the album on Kristoffer`s own website. This DVD is sold out and the digipack now only contains the CD, in spite of the fact that it`s stated otherwise. Guest Musicians: Dirk Bruinenberg (7 Miles To Pittsburgh, Patrick Rondat) – Drums Jeroen Molenaar – Drums Fredrik Hermansson (Pain of Salvation) – Piano Marcel Singor (Kayak) – Guitar Paul Coenradie (Valentine) – Guitar Jan Willem Ketelaers (Knight Area) – Backing Vocals Erna auf der Haar – Backing Vocals Maaike Peterse (Kingfisher Sky, Ayreon) – Cello Ola Sjönnerby – Brass
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