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Saturday 16 November 2019
Mega Platen & CD Beurs (9:00 tot 17:00 uur), Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (Standnummer 277)


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    ArtiestCave, Nick & The Bad Seeds
    2e HANDSNee
    GenrePop/Soft Rock/West Coast
    OmschrijvingGhosteen is the 2019 studio album by rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It is a double album and contains eleven tracks. The first part of the album features eight songs, which Nick Cave describes as "the children"; the second part of the album contains two longer songs and a spoken-word track, which he describes as "their parents". In summarising Ghosteen, Cave referred to the album both as "a migrating spirit" and the final part of a trilogy of albums the band began with Push the Sky Away (2013), which also includes Skeleton Tree. Anyone seeking a more prosaic description of Ghosteen’s contents might note that, sonically, it continues and extends the weightless, drifting style of its two predecessors. It’s not entirely clear how Bad Seeds drummer Thomas Wydler passed his time in the studio, given that there are almost no rhythms. Warren Ellis’s tape loops and electronics are replaced by warm analogue synthesiser that gives the music a slightly proggy feeling. Indeed, Ghosteen occasionally feels like a warmer, sweeter follow-up of 2016’s Skeleton Tree. While that album forced its most beautiful melodies through minefields of explosive noise and eerie, discordant soundscapes and Cave singing in an alarmingly parched, numb voice – here the songs are bolstered by soft, pillowy harmonies and stately piano. Cave’s voice, meanwhile, sounds rich. Ghosteen is a masterpiece of melancholy.
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