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Saturday 16 November 2019
Mega Platen & CD Beurs (9:00 tot 17:00 uur), Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (Standnummer 277)


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    ArtiestBeggs, Nick
    TitelWords Fail Me
    2e HANDSNee
    GenreProgressive / Neoprog / RIO
    OmschrijvingEsoteric Antenna release of the new album (2019) by acclaimed musician Nick Beggs, “Words Fail Me”. Noted for his virtuosity as both a bass guitarist and player of the Chapman Stick instrument, Nick reveals all facets of this unique instrument on his new album. Describing his new work, Nick states; “There have been many composers I’ve admired over the years, so I chose to represent some of their works as instrumental Stick versions. Here you will find a cross section of diverse studies chosen to show off the versatility of the Chapman Stick and the beauty of the compositions”. Accompanying “Words Fail Me” in this set are two reissues of Nick’s earlier work on the Chapman Stick. “Stick Insect” was originally released as a mail order only album in 2002 and has been out of print for some years, whilst “The Maverick Helmsman” was issued in 2004 along the same lines. “Words Fail Me” is a wonderful collection of music and is a mesmerising listening experience by a supremely talented and creative musician. DISC ONE: CD WORDS FAIL ME 1. BLUE EYES 2. PORTRAIT OF TRACY 3. MIDNIGHT COWBOY 4. KATERINA 5. NIGHT PORTER 6. TARANTELLA 7. SHEEP MAY SAFELY GRAZE 8. THE RAINBOW CONNECTION DISC TWO CD THE MAVERICK HELMSMAN 1. ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE 2. MY JOY 3. SO FAR AWAY 4. WILLOW 5. THE MAVERICK HELMSMAN 6. THE VIGIL 7. YOUR LETTER 8. THE MEANING OF EVERYTHING 9. WHEN FIRST WE MET 10. HIGHLAND SAUNTER 11. THE DARKNESS IN MEN’S HEARTS 12. AFTER THE WAVE DISC THREE: CD STICK INSECT 1. SCIENCE FICTION 2. THE REGGAE MAN’S HAIR DO 3. TONTO’S RETURN 4. TAVA 5. (LOOK AT US?) 6. DOWN STREAM 7. GLASS SLIPPERS 8. LULA 9. CELTIC YARDIES 10. THE LAST BITCH IN HELLVILLE 11. POTHEAD 12. KUMARA 13. DEATH BY CLEAVAGE 14. FOR ALL THAT’S LOST 15. IN MEMORY OF YOU
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