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Friday 14 February 2020
Concert Lonely Robot, Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

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    ArtiestGodley & Creme
    2e HANDSNee
    GenreProgressive / Neoprog / RIO
    OmschrijvingOriginally released as 3-LP Box set in 1977, Consequences was the debut album by ex 10cc artists Godley and Creme. It was created as a concept album, and incorporates a play, with all characters voiced by comedian Peter Cook, and singing by Sarah Vaughan. The album was also released in a single- album version: an eight-track album, Musical Excerpts from Consequences (1977) which features on the fourth disc. The concept of the album was described at the time as "the story of man`s last defence against an irate nature". The album began as a demonstration record for the `Gizmo Tron`, or Gizmo. This was an electric guitar effect device that Godley and Creme had invented a few years earlier as a means of providing orchestral textures. The Gizmo was an electro-mechanical device which was clamped over the bridge of an electric guitar; it contained six small motor- driven toothed plastic wheels that, when pushed into contact with the strings, created a `bowing` effect, producing notes and chords with endless sustain. The album was recorded over 18 months at Strawberry Studios in Stockport and The Manor in Shipton-on-Cherwell, Oxfordshire, with Godley, Creme and engineer Martin Lawrence going to extraordinary lengths to create its special effects. This version mastered by Andy Pearce and overseen by Godley and Crθme and is available in full on CD for the first-time outside Japan contains the original album as well as the previously mentioned Music Excerpts from the album and for the first time on CD the promotional edit album The album set housed in a clamshell box contains expanded artwork and notes by Mojo’s Daryl Easlea who has spoken to both participants about the making and production of the album. DISC ONE – Consequences 1. Seascape 2. Wind 3. Fireworks 4. Stampede 5. Burial Scene 6. Sleeping Earth 7. Honolulu Lulu 8. The Flood DISC TWO – Consequences 1. Five O`Clock in The Morning 2. Dialogue – Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 3. When Things Go Wrong 4. Dialogue – Peter Cook 5. Lost Weekend 6. Dialogue – Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 7. Rosie 8. Dialogue - Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 9. Office Chase 10. Dialogue - Peter Cook 11. Cool, Cool, Cool 12. Dialogue - Peter Cook DISC THREE – Consequences 1. Cool, Cool, Cool (Reprise) 2. Dialogue – Peter Cook 3. Sailor 4. Dialogue - Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 5. Mobilization 6. Dialogue - Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 7. Please, Please, Please 8. Dialogue - Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 9. Blint`s Tune (Movements 1-17) DISC FOUR – Consequences (Music From Consequences) 1. Five O`Clock in The Morning 2. When Things Go Wrong 3. Lost Weekend 4. Cool, Cool, Cool 5. Sailor 6. Rosie 7. Sleeping Earth 8. Honolulu Lulu 9. The Flood 10. Burial Scene DISC FIVE – Consequences (Edited Highlights) 1. Sescape 2. Wind 3. Stampede 4. Burial Scene 5. Sleeping Earth 6. Honolulu Lulu 7. The Flood 8. Five O`Clock in The Morning 9. Dialogue – Peter Cook 10. When Things Go Wrong 11. Dialogue - Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 12. Lost Weekend 13. Dialogue - Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 14. Rosie 15. Dialogue - Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 16. Office Chase 17. Dialogue - Peter Cook 18. Cool Cool Cool 19. Dialogue - Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 20. Cool Cool Cool (Reprise) 21. Dialogue - Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 22. Sailor 23. Dialogue - Peter Cook 24. Mobilisation 25. Dialogue 26. Please Please Please 27. Dialogue - Peter Cook / Judy Huxstable 28. The Flood
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