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Friday 14 February 2020
Concert Lonely Robot, Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

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    2e HANDSNee
    GenreProgressive / Neoprog / RIO
    OmschrijvingIn 1969 the Prog scene had its first cries in Italy. Among the very first Italian Prog groups that had a record contract with a major, there were the Alluminogeni. It was 69 and the major was Fonit Cetra, already home of the New Trolls who also opened in the Osanna in 71. It was the daughter of the Zanoletti Record Company of Fonit Cetra to recommend the name Alluminogeni, ingeniously combining the name of the leader of the group, Patrizio Alluminio, with the "hallucinogens" particularly in sight in those years. The group entered the music scene with several 45s that starting from the "song" formula introduced different musical parts, sections tending to the Prog that will come. Scolopendra, their 72 album, defined Alluminogeni as an Italian group that would go down in history. After an intense activity in television radio and in the main festivals, including national tour with Cantagiro, the group broke up. Metafisicio born 50 years after the birth of Alluminogeni, In Metafisico we find, the most unique and rare case, the original formation of the contract with Fonit Cetra and of the first records with Patrizio Alluminio, keyboards and voice, Daniele Ostorero, drums and voice and Guido Maccario, bass and guitars. 2 young elements are added; Ludovico Bragante and Alberto Rondano, for other basses and guitars. The song opens with a song in which the group has reconstructed the typical 70`s sound of the trio, "paro paro". This is followed by several other pieces with an increased orchestral and compositional maturity, compared to Scolopendra, with great care and inspiration in the texts. Basically the Alluminogeni have maintained the same approach of the 70s with the addition of some "subsequent" sounds, with tracks, each with its own personality and particularity. There are also contemporary pieces of Scolopendra, such as "Sogno alabardato di verde verde" and "Samsara" which, as pieces of Scolopendra itself were already composed ... in 69, before only "singles" and ..the spirit time feels! In the Prog of those years there were fundamental spontaneity and originality and the trio of the Alluminogeni as they were spontaneous and original then, now they are with "Metafisico". Tracklist: 1. Samsahara of Mr. Jackson (part 1) 02:34 2. Sogno alabardato di un`estate verde 06:44 3. Strategia 06:14 4. 4.000 anni 04:30 5. Raggio Vitale 03:48 6. Apogeo Azimut 04:30 7. Magia di un momento 03:54 8. Volero` via 05:10 9. Contatto Finale 05:24 10. Samsahara of Mr. Jackson (part 2) 04:18
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