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Friday 14 February 2020
Concert Lonely Robot, Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

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    ArtiestClimax Blues Band
    TitelThe Albums 1969 - 1972 (Remastered Boxset Edition)
    2e HANDSNee
    GenreBlues(rock) & related music
    OmschrijvingEsoteric Recordings release of ďThe Albums 1969 Ė 1972Ē by the Climax Blues Band; a 5 CD set comprising the bandís first five albums, originally issued on EMIís Parlophone and Harvest labels between 1969 and 1972, namely The Climax Chicago Blues Band, Plays On, A Lot of Bottle, Tightly Knit and Rich Man. Formed in Stafford in 1968 by Colin Cooper, the band (originally known as the CLIMAX CHICAGO BLUES BAND) recorded their debut album in September & November 1968 with a line up of COLIN COOPER (Vocals, Harmonica, Sax), PETE HAYCOCK (Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals), ARTHUR WOOD (Keyboards), DEREK HOLT (Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Organ), RICHARD JONES (Bass) and GEORGE NEWSOME (Drums). Issued early the following year on EMIís Parlophone label, the album saw the band gain a wider audience. Shortening their name to the Climax Blues Band, the group recorded and released their excellent follow- up album, Plays On, later that year. By 1970 the band had moved to EMIís ďprogressiveĒ label, Harvest, and issued their third album A Lot of Bottle later that year. The 1971 album Tightly Knit was arguably their best of this period. The bandís final album for Harvest was Rich Man, issued in 1972. The album made commercial inroads in the United States and was the launching platform for their success in that country over the next few years. This official 5CD clamshell boxed set celebrates the early years of this much loved British band and features each album (with bonus tracks) in a replica card sleeve wallet and includes an illustrated poster. TRACKLIST: DISC ONE THE CLIMAX CHICAGO BLUES BAND (1969) 1. MEAN OLD WORLD 2. INSURANCE 3. GOING DOWN THIS ROAD 4. YOUíVE BEEN DRINKING 5. DONíT START ME TALKINí 6. WEE BABY BLUES 7. TWENTY PAST ONE 8. A STRANGER IN YOUR TOWN 9. HOW MANY MORE YEARS 10. LOOKING FOR MY BABY 11. AND LONELY 12. THE ENTERTAINER BONUS TRACKS 13. CHECKING ON MY BABY (BONUS TRACK) 14. ARTHURíS BOOGIE (BONUS TRACK) 15. STORMY MONDAY (BONUS TRACK) 16. DONíT START ME TALKINí (TAKE ONE) (BONUS TRACK) 17. ANYBODYíS BOOGIE (BONUS TRACK) 18. YOUíVE BEEN DRINKING (TAKE ONE) (BONUS TRACK) 19. AND LONELY (TAKE FIVE) (BONUS TRACK) DISC TWO PLAYS ON (1969) 1. FLIGHT 2. HEY BABY, EVERYTHINGíS GONNA BE ALRIGHT, YEH YEH YEH 3. CUBANO CHANT 4. LITTLE GIRL 5. MUMíS THE WORD 6. TWENTY PAST TWO / TEMPTATION RAG 7. SO MANY ROADS, SO MANY TRAINS 8. CITY WAYS 9. CRAZY ĎBOUT MY BABY BONUS TRACKS 10. LIKE UNCLE CHARLIE (A-SIDE OF SINGLE) (BONUS TRACK) 11. LOVING MACHINE (B-SIDE OF SINGLE) (BONUS TRACK) 12. DANCE OF THE MOUNTAIN KINGíS DAUGHTER (BONUS TRACK) 13. FLIGHT (FIRST MIX) (BONUS TRACK) DISC THREE A LOT OF BOTTLE (1970) 1. COUNTRY HAT 2. EVERY DAY 3. REAP WHAT IíVE SOWED 4. BRIEF CASE 5. ALRIGHT BLUE? 6. COUNTRY HAT (REPRISE) 7. SEVENTH SON 8. PLEASE DONíT HELP ME 9. MORNING NOON AND NIGHT 10. LONG LOVINí MAN 11. LOUISIANA BLUES 12. CUT YOU LOOSE BONUS TRACKS 13. FLIGHT (LIVE AT THE BLOW UP CLUB, LONDON 1971) (BONUS TRACK) 14. SEVENTH SON (LIVE AT THE BLOW UP CLUB, LONDON 1971) (BONUS TRACK) 15. REAP WHAT I HAVE SOWED (LIVE AT THE BLOW UP CLUB, LONDON 1971) (BONUS TRACK) DISC FOUR TIGHTLY KNIT (1971) 1. HEY MAMA 2. SHOOT HER IF SHE RUNS 3. TOWARDS THE SUN 4. COME ON IN MY KITCHEN 5. WHO KILLED MCSWIGGIN 6. LITTLE LINK 7. ST. MICHAELíS BLUES 8. BIDE MY TIME 9. THATíS ALL BONUS TRACKS 10. HEY MAMA (LIVE AT THE BLOW UP CLUB, LONDON 1971) (BONUS TRACK) 11. SHOOT HER IF SHE RUNS (LIVE AT THE BLOW UP CLUB, LONDON 1971) (BONUS TRACK) 12. SPOONFUL (LIVE AT THE BLOW UP CLUB, LONDON 1971) (BONUS TRACK) DISC FIVE RICH MAN (1972) 1. RICH MAN 2. MOLE ON THE DOLE 3. YOU MAKE ME SICK 4. STANDING BY A RIVER 5. SHAKE YOUR LOVE 6. ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD 7. IF YOU WANNA KNOW 8. DONíT YOU MIND PEOPLE GRINNING IN YOUR FACE BONUS TRACK 9. MOLE ON THE DOLE (SINGLE VERSION) (BONUS TRACK)
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