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Bezoek onze verkoopstand op Zaterdag 14 December bij het IQ + Tiger Moth Tales concert in Cultuurpodium Boerderij te Zoeterrmeer.



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Friday 14 February 2020
Concert Lonely Robot, Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer


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    ArtiestBe-Bop Deluxe
    TitelFuturama (Deluxe Boxset)
    2e HANDSNee
    GenreProgressive / Neoprog / RIO
    OmschrijvingEsoteric Recordings release of a new re-mastered four disc deluxe expanded boxed set limited edition (comprising 3 CDs and a DVD) of FUTURAMA the legendary 1975 album by BE BOP DELUXE. Recorded in the first two months of 1975 at Rockfield studios (with some sessions also taking place at SARM studios in London), FUTURAMA was the second album by Be Bop Deluxe and the first to feature the line-up of BILL NELSON (vocals, guitars, keyboards), CHARLIE TUMAHAI (bass, vocals) and SIMON FOX (drums). Produced by Roy Thomas Baker (who at the time was also working with Queen), FUTURAMA was an album of immense musical inventiveness and creativity and was a huge leap forward in creative terms for Bill Nelson. The album gained much praise thanks to Bill Nelson’s composition skills and his highly innovative guitar playing. Featuring such wonderful material as ‘Maid in Heaven’, ‘Sister Seagull’, ‘Music in Dreamland’, ‘Sound Track’, ‘Between the Worlds’, ‘Jean Cocteau’ and ‘Swan Song’, the album would see Be Bop Deluxe heralded as one of the most accomplished acts of 1975. This expanded reissue has been newly re-mastered from the original master tapes and features an additional 36 bonus tracks drawn from a stunning new 5.1 surround sound & stereo mixes from the original multi-track tapes by award winning engineer Stephen W. Tayler, a previously unreleased out-take from the album sessions, a previously unissued BBC Radio “In Concert” performance from May 1975 (thought “lost” for some years), a rare John Peel Show session from March 1975, along with a previously unreleased 1975 Harvest Records promotional video for ‘Maid in Heaven’ and a session for BBC TV’s “Old Grey Whistle Test” show from July 1975. Another highlight of this limited edition boxed set is the lavishly illustrated 68-page book with many previously unseen photographs and an essay of recollections by Bill Nelson. Additionally, the set includes a facsimile Record Store poster for FUTURAMA, replica track sheets, and postcards. This special deluxe limited edition boxed set of FUTURAMA is a fitting tribute to a fine band, the creative vision of Bill Nelson and a wonderful album. DISC ONE: CD FUTURAMA THE ORIGINAL ALBUM REMASTERED: 1. STAGE WHISPERS 2. LOVE WITH THE MADMAN 3. MAID IN HEAVEN 4. SISTER SEAGULL 5. SOUND TRACK 6. MUSIC IN DREAMLAND 7. JEAN COCTEAU 8. BETWEEN THE WORLDS 9. SWAN SONG BONUS TRACKS 10. BETWEEN THE WORLDS (SINGLE VERSION) 11. LIGHTS DISC TWO: CD FUTURAMA THE NEW STEREO MIX: 1. STAGE WHISPERS (NEW STEREO MIX) 2. LOVE WITH THE MADMAN (NEW STEREO MIX) 3. MAID IN HEAVEN (NEW STEREO MIX) 4. SISTER SEAGULL (NEW STEREO MIX) 5. SOUND TRACK (NEW STEREO MIX) 6. MUSIC IN DREAMLAND (NEW STEREO MIX) 7. JEAN COCTEAU (NEW STEREO MIX) 8. BETWEEN THE WORLDS (NEW STEREO MIX) 9. SWAN SONG (NEW STEREO MIX) BONUS TRACKS 10. BETWEEN THE WORLDS (SINGLE VERSION) (NEW STEREO MIX) 11. LIGHTS (NEW STEREO MIX) 12. MUSIC IN DREAMLAND (PHONOGRAM STUDIOS VERSION) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) 13. BETWEEN THE WORLDS (ALTERNATE SINGLE VERSION) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) DISC THREE: CD BBC RADIO ONE “JOHN PEEL SHOW” SESSION 11th MARCH 1975: 1. STAGE WHISPERS (BBC SESSION MARCH 1975) 2. SISTER SEAGULL (BBC SESSION MARCH 1975) 3. MAID IN HEAVEN (BBC SESSION MARCH 1975) 4. LIGHTS (BBC SESSION MARCH 1975) BBC RADIO ONE “IN CONCERT” 23rd MAY 1975 – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED: 5. STAGE WHISPERS (BBC IN CONCERT MAY 1975) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) 6. THIRD FLOOR HEAVEN (BBC IN CONCERT MAY 1975) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) 7. ADVENTURES IN A YORKSHIRE LANDSCAPE (BBC IN CONCERT MAY 1975) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) 8. SISTER SEAGULL (BBC IN CONCERT MAY 1975) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) 9. PIECE OF MINE (BBC IN CONCERT MAY 1975) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) 10. MAID IN HEAVEN (BBC IN CONCERT MAY 1975) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) 11. AXE VICTIM (BBC IN CONCERT MAY 1975) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) DISC FOUR: DVD FUTURAMA THE NEW 5.1 SURROUND SOUND MIX, NEW 96 KHZ / 24-BIT STEREO MIX AND 96 KHZ / 24-BIT ORIGINAL STEREO MIX 1. STAGE WHISPERS (5.1 SURROUND MIX) 2. LOVE WITH THE MADMAN (5.1 SURROUND MIX) 3. MAID IN HEAVEN (5.1 SURROUND MIX) 4. SISTER SEAGULL (5.1 SURROUND MIX) 5. SOUND TRACK (5.1 SURROUND MIX) 6. MUSIC IN DREAMLAND (5.1 SURROUND MIX) 7. JEAN COCTEAU (5.1 SURROUND MIX) 8. BETWEEN THE WORLDS (5.1 SURROUND MIX) 9. SWAN SONG (5.1 SURROUND MIX) BONUS AUDIO MATERIAL 10. BETWEEN THE WORLDS (SINGLE VERSION) (5.1 SURROUND MIX) 11. LIGHTS (5.1 SURROUND MIX) 12. MUSIC IN DREAMLAND (PHONOGRAM STUDIOS VERSION) (5.1 SURROUND MIX) BONUS VIDEO MATERIAL 13. MAID IN HEAVEN (OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST) 14. SISTER SEAGULL (OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST) BBC TV “OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST” SESSION 19th JULY 1975 15. MAID IN HEAVEN (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED PROMO VIDEO) 1975 HARVEST RECORDS PROMOTIONAL VIDEO
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