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Bezoek onze verkoopstand op Vrijdag 21 Juni tijdens het Flower Kings Revisited + support Jolly concert in Cultuurpodium Boerderij te Zoetermeer.



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Friday 21 June 2019
Concert Flower Kings Revisited + support Jolly, Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer


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    ArtiestBeaver & Krause
    TitelIn A Wild Sanctuary / Gandharva / All Good Men
    2e HANDSNee
    GenreElectronic / Synth / New Age
    OmschrijvingA double CD featuring three classic albums from Beaver & Krause’s Warner Brothers period circa 1970-1972. Including the celebrated Moog-friendly collaborators’ (Beatles/Byrds/Neil Young/Doors/Phil Spector/Jack Nietzsche/Quincy Jones/Stones/Simon And Garfunkel) quirky mix of early electronics, found sound and musical dalliances from blues to soul, rock to gospel. Featuring the eco-friendly “In A Wild Sanctuary” (1970), the haunting “Gandharva” (1971) and the wonky pop of “All Good Men” (1972), underlining the indelible mark the duo made on contemporary music. Filtering Scott Joplin and Bach through the jazz groove of Bud Shank and Gerry Mulligan with the roar of lions and overheard dialogue alongside the swirling futuristic swirl of all-new synthesised sound. Super rare cult albums from this iconic and innovative duo. Remastered from the original sound sources with sleevenotes by MOJO magazine’s Dave Henderson. DISC ONE IN A WILD SANCTUARY 1. ANOTHER PART OF TIME 2. AND THERE WAS MORNING 3. SPACED 4. SO LONG AS THE WATERS FLOW 5. AURORA HOMINIS 6. SALUTE TO THE VANISHING BALD EAGLE 7. PEOPLE’S PARK 8. WALKING GREEN ALGAE BLUES 9. SANCTUARY GANDHARVA: ORIGINAL ALBUM SIDE ONE 10. SOFT WHITE 11. SAGA OF THE BLUE BEAVER 12. NINE MOONS IN ALASKA 13. WALKIN’ 14. WALKIN’ BY THE RIVER DISC TWO: GANDHARVA: ORIGINAL ALBUM SIDE TWO 1. GANDHARVA 2. BY YOUR GRACE 3. GOOD PLACES 4. SHORT FILM FOR DAVID 5. BRIGHT SHADOWS ALL GOOD MEN 6. A REAL SLOW DRAG 7. LEGEND DAYS ARE OVER 8. LOVES OF COL. EVOL 9. SWEET WILLIAM 10. BLUEBIRD CANYON STOMP 11. LOOKING BACK NOW 12. PRELUDE 13. CHILD OF THE MORNING SUN 14. BETWEEN THE SUN AND THE RAIN 15. ALL GOOD MEN 16. WALTZ ME AROUND AGAIN WILLIE/REAL SLOW DRAG
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