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Bezoek onze verkoopstand op Vrijdag 31 Mei tijdens het Time Bowness + Anneke van Giersbergen concert in Cultuurpodium Boerderij te Zoetermeer.



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Friday 31 May 2019
Concert Tim Bowness + Anneke van Giersbergen, Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer


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    TitelClutching at straws (Deluxe Edition)
    2e HANDSNee
    GenreProgressive / Neoprog / RIO
    OmschrijvingAfter the successful reissue of Marillion‘s 1985 album Misplaced Childhood in 2017, Parlophone reissue the British quintet’s fourth studio album Clutching at Straws in November 2018. Like its predecessor, the album was produced by Chris Kimsey and it delivered three top forty hits (‘Incommunicado’, ‘Sugar Mice’ and ‘Warm Wet Circles’). Clutching At Straws would turn out to be Marillion’s final studio release with original singer Fish. Clutching at Straws will be reissued as a 4CD+blu- ray deluxe edition and a 5LP vinyl box set. Both include a new stereo remix by Andy Bradfield and Avril Mackintosh (Mackintosh was the original mixing engineer for producer Chris Kimsey in Advision studios back in 1987) and a concert recording of the band performing at the Edinburgh Playhouse in December ’87. Some of these live performance have appeared before, on The Thieving Magpie live album, although it should be noted that this is a new mix for 2018 by Michael Hunter. Disc One: 2018 Andy Bradfield & Avril Mackintosh Re-mix “Hotel Hobbies” “Warm Wet Circles” “That Time of the Night (The Short Straw)” “Going Under” (Alternate Version) “Just or the Record” “White Russian” “Incommunicado” “Torch Song” “Slŕinte Mhath” “Sugar Mice” “The Last Straw” “Happy Ending” Disc Two: Live at the Edinburgh Playhouse 1987 (2018 Michael Hunter Mix) “La Gazza Ladra” “Slŕinte Mhath” “Assassing” “White Russian” “Incubus” “Sugar Mice” “Fugazi” “Hotel Hobbies” “Warm Wet Circles” “That Time of the Night (The Short Straw)” Disc Three: Live at the Edinburgh Playhouse 1987 (2018 Michael Hunter Mix) “Pseudo Silk Kimono” (Intro) “Kayleigh” “Lavender” “Bitter Suite” “Heart of Lothian” “The Last Straw” “Incommunicado” “Garden Party” “Market Square Heroes” (incomplete, featuring “My Generation,” “Margaret,” and “Let’s Twist Again”) Disc Four: 1999 Remaster Demos “Beaujolais Day” (Demo) “Story From A Thin Wall” (Demo) “Shadows On The Barley” (Demo) “Exile On Princes Street” (Demo) “Sunset Hill” (Demo) “Tic-Tac-Toe” (Demo) “Voice In The Crowd” (Demo) “White Russians” (Demo) “Sugar Mice In The Rain” (Demo) “Hotel Hobbies/ Warm Wet Circles” (The Mosaic Demos) * “Just for the Record” (Demo) * “Torch Song” (Demo) * “Slŕinte Mhath” (Demo) * Blu-ray Content Clutching At Straws (2018 Andy Bradfield & Avril Mackintosh Re-mix) 48/24 PCM Stereo Remix48/24 LPCM Master Audio 5.1 Mix 48/24 DTS Master Audio 5.1 Mix “The Last Straw” Clutching At Straws: Interviews with Fish and band Promo Films (SD Content) “Incommunicado” “Sugar Mice” “Warm Wet Circles” Audio Extras Clutching At Straws (Original 1987 Album Mix) Bonus Tracks (Audio Only) “Incommunicado” (Alternative Version) “Tux On” “Going Under” (Extended Version)
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