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Bezoek onze verkoopstand op Zaterdag 17 & Zonday 18 November op de Mega Platen & CD Beurs in de Jaarbeurs te Utrecht (Stand nr. 277)



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Saturday 17 November 2018
Mega Platen & CD Beurs (9:00 tot 17:00 uur) , Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (Standnummer 277)

  • Bezoek onze verkoopstand op Zondag 23 September (van 10:00 tot 17:00 uur) op de Platen & CD Beurs in de IJsselhallen te Zwolle !

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    TitelSaison 8
    2e HANDSNee
    GenreProgressive / Neoprog / RIO
    OmschrijvingThe new album "Saison 8" appears like a new season of a TV series. Each song reflects an episode of Lazuli`s life. "Season 8", the eighth album by Lazuli, blossoms like a spring. Like a young scion breaking through the icy ground, attracted by the warm rays of the sun but firmly anchored in the ground. Lazuli are an absolute insider tip. Anyone who has experienced their incredible musical mixture live must inevitably fall for it. Such music has not been heard so far. Elements of progressive rock, chanson, folk and world music meet the most incredible sounds and violent percussion thunderstorms. There are not so many drawers that you could put the music of Lazuli in. The five-piece band also draws on an absolutely extraordinary instrumentation: Marimba and French horn are already very rare representatives on rock stages, and yet the instruments are not as extraordinary as the strange string instrument called "Leode", which Lazuli have developed themselves and of which there is only one copy in the world. The sound of the band - already experimental and extraordinary in every respect, but still melodic - is thus extended to a complete, previously unheard sound cosmos. The previous concerts, which Lazuli have so far completed in Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Mexico, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and France, left an astonished and completely bewitched audience. And the critics rose to the highest eulogy.
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