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Sunday 16 September 2018
Concert The Aristocrats, Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

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    TitelThe Emergency Broadcast Years 1994 - 1997
    2e HANDSNee
    OmschrijvingATOMHENGE, the label home for the Hawkwind catalogue between 1975 – 1997, release of “The Emergency Broadcast Years 1994 – 1997”; a 5 CD set comprising all three of Hawkwind’s single albums and one double album originally released by the Emergency Broadcast label between 1994 & 1997: “The Business Trip Live”, “Alien 4”, the double set “Love in Space” and “Distant Horizons”. These recordings saw a streamlined Hawkwind enjoy a new period of acclaim. With vocalist Ron Tree as an on stage front man, the band’s live concerts of the period were memorable affairs and were perfectly captured on the double album “Love in Space”. The remaining trio of albums in this collection saw further development of the band, making Hawkwind a vital force for the 1990s. This official 5-CD clamshell boxed set features each album in a replica card sleeve wallet and includes an illustrated poster. DISC ONE THE BUSINESS TRIP LIVE (1994) 1. ALTAIR 2. QUARK, STRANGENESS AND CHARM 3. LSD 4. THE CAMERA THAT COULD LIE 5. GREEN FINNED DEMON 6. DO THAT 7. THE DAY A WALL CAME DOWN 8. BERLIN AXIS 9. VOID OF GOLDEN LIGHT 10. THE RIGHT STUFF 11. WASTELANDS 12. THE DREAM GOES ON 13. RIGHT TO DECIDE 14. THE DREAM HAS ENDED 15. THE FUTURE DISC TWO ALIEN 4 (1995) 1. ABDUCTED 2. ALIEN (I AM) 3. REJECT YOUR HUMAN TOUCH 4. BLUE SKIN 5. BEAM ME UP 6. VEGA 7. XENOMORPH 8. JOURNEY 9. SPUTNIK STAN 10. KAPAL 11. FESTIVALS 12. DEATH TRAP 13. WASTELANDS 14. ARE YOU LOSING YOUR MIND? DISC THREE LOVE IN SPACE” – DISC A (1996) 1. ABDUCTED 2. DEATH TRAP 3. WASTELANDS 4. ARE YOU LOSING YOUR MIND? 5. PHOTO ENCOUNTER 6. BLUE SKIN 7. SPUTNIK STAN 8. ROBOT 9. ALIEN (I AM) DISC FOUR LOVE IN SPACE – DISC B (1996) 1. XENOMORPH 2. VEGA 3. LOVE IN SPACE 4. KAPAL 5. ELFIN 6. SILVER MACHINE 7. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE 8. ASSASSINS / SPACE (IS THEIR PALESTINE) DISC FIVE DISTANT HORIZONS (1997) 1. DISTANT HORIZONS 2. PHETAMINE STREET 3. WAIMEA CANYON DRIVE 4. ALCHEMY 5. CLOUDED VISION 6. REPTOID VISION 7. POPULATION OVERLOAD 8. WHEELS 9. KAUAI 10. TAXI FOR MAX 11. LOVE IN SPACE
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